About Us

Corporate Responsibility

 Fu Fruit has been local deep ploughing for 50 years, taking the beautiful island of Taiwan as its home port, and striving to take root in this land. Just like parents love and want to protect their children, now it is the children turns to protect this land with a heart of gratitude. This is our intention which also has always been the origin of our business.
How to allow farmers to obtain the most secure supply platform has always been the way of operation of Chairman Qiu. He has been a child of a farmer since he was a child and started from scratch, so he is very aware of the farmers voice in the production area. Whether it is to solve the long-term problem of imbalance between production and sales, or to improve the production skills of farmers, it has always been the driving force behind his long-term commitment to the operation of the production area. In the spirit of the chairman's business philosophy, Fu Fruit has always been protecting the hard-working farmers on the front line by "taking from the society and using it for the society", which is also the direction of our continuous efforts.