Our Service

Import and Export

Taiwan has a variety of seasonal fruits that are rich and sweet, and the quality of agricultural products is
world-renowned. In order to promote the fruitful results in the local area, Fu Fruit helps various producing
areas to export to all over the world. Even in foreign countries, you can taste the seasonal fruits from Taiwan. 

Even if you can’t go abroad due to the epidemic, and you want to taste foreign special fruits, you can’t help
but mention Fu Fruit, whether it’s Japan’s large, sweet and juicy Kumamoto strawberries, Chile’s ruby-like
cherries, or sweet juicy Korean pears, Fu Fruit are always ready to add to the beauty of the world on your table.

The freshness of fruit is our biggest selling point. Fuhe provides cold chain distribution, a series of operations
from the dock to the demolition of the cabinet, to maintain the required temperature, avoid the temperature
difference between the high and low temperature and damage the delicate fruit, and keep the freshest state
as much as possible to deliver to consumers hands.